Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Retroactive Wish List for Tuesday, June 10, 2007

  • That I had not been required to spend 3-4 hours on various public toilets during the course of the day.
  • That my work day had gone better.
  • That I was not almost run over by a cab driver who illegally refused to take me to Penn Station. Fuck you, 4H16. TLC has the complaint on file.
  • That I did not end up walking 20 minutes in 98-degree-or-so weather to the train station with an apparent fever and all my luggage.
  • That the Acela to Boston had not been 10 minutes late, then 15 minutes late, then 20 minutes late, then 25 minutes late, then 40 minutes late.
  • That there was somewhere to sit down in Penn Station.
  • That the Acela had fresh, non-microwaveable food on board.
  • That all adults could acknowledge the reasons for change when committing to change.
  • That people would stop punishing me for making morally sound decisions.
Back to work. I either have food poisoning or a stomach virus, and while all non-digestive major organs are functioning, the ones that are messed up are messed up b a d. I have to recover in time for the YOOP.


Friday, June 06, 2008

Wish List, 6.06.08, True Grounds, 6:03p.m.

  • that I had slept the past two nights
  • that it were not 55 degrees and cloudy out, and that the heat didn't have to come on in June, every fucking June.
  • banishment of full-day hangovers
  • a cloned rb to play drums for Infrastructure
  • that the pretty girl in the coffee shop were not cuddling miserably with some guy on a couch. 'tis painful to watch


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wish List, 1.08.08, 1:23a CST

  • more fiction writing practice
  • additional muscle mass
  • peace
  • pedal steel
  • ability to play pedal steel
  • functional girlfriend

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Friday, October 19, 2007

redeye dreams/other

When I finally slept I dreamt that I had a street map of a city I had just visited tattooed on both forearms. There was a buzzing, slight pain in my skin but it looked worth it. Then, I was driving and under assault from a superzombie. As the superzombie clung to the vehicle, I slammed it into walls and pillars and other cars and my car was dented by the uninjured zombie. It turned out that the zombie was actually the father of some anonymous male companion. I had to help him fight his alternatingly living and undead dad, who turned out to be the captain of a small coastal oil tanker. We plotted and planned on the deck of the tanker, but the man who emerged from the cabins before I awoke was not a zombie but a father.

Also, I wish that I:
  • were eating fresh brownies with milk
  • were not physically and mentally exhausted (feels like having a fever)
  • spent less time in front of laptop screens trying to communicate with people I can't see
  • had a functioning girlfriend
  • were not a tourist in my own body and mind.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Wish List, 7.23.07

  • Lunch on Arthur Avenue.
  • An assistant.
  • A house in Austin
  • All my clothes to be magically unpacked.
  • Some way to be in Queens, New York Boston, and the Sun Belt at the same time.
  • Energy.