Thursday, December 10, 2009

Describing Infrastructure as "the opposite of Vampire Weekend"

is probably the nicest thing you could say to us.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Why Boston Sucks, According to a Intercity Bus Line Employee

"Here come the drones," he says, watching an endless throng of blank-faced workers streaming through the Back Bay turnstiles at 8am. "Look at them. They're miserable. Every day, they look the same."

"You know why people are so miserable here? The public transportation is about ten times worse than it needs to be. In New York, the system is probably 30 times bigger and works perfectly, like clockwork, 24 hours a day. Here, it takes people 45 minutes to go six miles, and they have that stress to deal with every day. By the time they get to work, they're miserable.

"The roads are just as bad. I used to drive in from ********. It took me two hours to go forty miles. The traffic adds to the stress, too. People have to save all their errands for the weekends because they have no time during the week.

"A day doesn't last a day here. You wake up on Saturday, you buy your groceries, go to a function or whatever, and by the time you get there it's dark out.

"I'm from the country, the farms. We don't live like this"

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