Friday, December 30, 2005


those who refer to new york city as NYC are not from new york!!!

it's been proven again and again.

Monday, December 26, 2005

"Did you put pictures of College Point on the internet?"

That's what my grandmother asked last night at our Christmas evening microgathering. Word travels fast.


The AP actually devoted an article to this.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Some photos from today's walk around the neighborhood:

College Point, Queens was built up by the German rubber barons Kleinert and Poppenhusen in the mid-1800s. Note the lettering on this warehouse below the cancer ray emanators.

The mailboxes tell you where to get blowjobs.

This awful development was built around the corner on vacant waterfront land formerly called "the dumps." Only Asians live here--a new racial mystery is added to the fabric of New York.

The Parks Department added some new trees to the park where I spent my entire adolescense avoiding people and thinking.

The view up 14th Rd. St. Fidelis (pronounced SAYNT FIDEYLIS) church, where I was baptised, confirmed, and everything else stands in the background.

A gift from the Wayback Machine

I've been on the web almost continuously* since May 1997. Here's an incarnation of IMAGINARY SANITATION from May 2000. Here is the archive/explanation of the site that is now live.

*Sites routinely deleted by corporate hosting services for refusing to fulfill their mission of vanillafying the American entertainment environment/advertising market.

"The only thing I hate more than people is ATM fees."

Used to say that a lot when I got my first real bank account. This overinformation provided by Yahoo reminded me of my belief that the "price of convenience" is rarely worth it. There's also a link to the PIRG's campaign to end ATM fees! Glad they're doing something other than blanklet-trashing text textbook publishers.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bad, unfunny strike t-shirts

Are they for sale in Chinatown yet? Can anyone get there to find out and snap a photo?

NOTE: If you buy a strike t-shirt, you are a tourist regardless of the lease you just signed for a closet in Brooklyn.

A very simple wish

All I want right now is buffalo-style pork cubes. Like the sweet and sour pork cubes the Chinese places sell but worse. Why does no one sell this?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fuck the strikers.

Roger Toussaint is a piece of shit, and this isn't the first time we've found that out. Everyone is so quick to forget his "private bus line strike" of 2002, which left 100,000 riders without a ride for six weeks--including yours truly. But that mostly affected half- and third-caste residents, like working class whites (me, technically, geographically, and ceaselessly) and brown people, so it was kept far from the news. Now that everyone is fucked, though, it's a national headline. Take a look at this thing from the Times. It's commuter "horror stories" from the strike. Look at how many people are bitching about having to walk from one part of the Upper West Side to...another part of the Upper West Side. And all those areas without blurbs? Those people don't speak English, don't own computers, or don't read the Times. So who cares?! You can bet your life that the people being most inconvenienced/starved to death by the strike aren't the tourists or the cute little transplants.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Whose Space is It Anyway?

I find myself frequently IMing links to this Globe article on MySpace's "power to overexpose" people who post themselves in their underwear with their phone numbers and places of employment. It seems easier to simply post the link here: Website's Power to Overexpose Teens Stirs a Warning.

I still maitain that Friendster is cooler. And that people who post pictures of themselves in their underwear on the internet, alongside their phone number, deserve all the harassment they get.

Why are weekend movie grosses entertainment?

And why don't I feel like answering questions anymore?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Why, yes, I have been taking documentary photographs in the worst neighborhoods of Boston Harbor and posting some of them on a Norwegian website!

If you came to our seasonal affective disorder seasonal holiday housethaw, thanks.

We still have some shrimp letf over.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

P.S.--Boston Josh Rouse Fans:

Looks like chances of a solo show in early Feb. are good.

First Major Revelation from Working at Home for Several Days with iTunes on Shuffle

I can't fucking stand Bright Eyes.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Here's what the galleries on the site should look like: test. I went back to one of the color schemes from the 2003 site and kept in all in html, because that's all I understand. Now I have 9000 digital photos to comb through and edit.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


after months of selling stuff, it appears to be time to buy it. the "insights" that seemed deep to me and my friends 8-10 years ago now seem the simple, boring, predictable rhythms of what one current friend would term "crapitalism." and who made jamiroquai the official band of that? in the awful cambridgeside galleria today, walking from one overpriced global shitmonger to another, i heard nothing but the obscurest modern eurotrash funk tracks (likable in other contexts, i.e. headphones), their metronomic pulses gently guiding grinning idiots towards perfect ejaculations of cash. again and again and again.

this is fun??

Friday, December 09, 2005

What the F...

is with all the disappearing Regian blogs?

Saturday, December 03, 2005


site registration expires on 12/18, so if the site disappears it's because i was too lazy to renew it

goal in life is now

to attain a worthwhile and entertaining nationally syndicated public radio show, on which i play good shit.