Friday, November 13, 2009

INFRASTRUCTURE: All Asia Highlight Reel

From Saturday's show:

Shot by Meade, edited by yours truly.

As for the band, we should have a Philly show during Thanksgiving confirmed within the next few days and are working on a NY show for Christmas weekend. Next Boston gig is Dec. 18 @ Church in the Fenway.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

...Billy Bob and Billy Chris rockin' in the free world!
Kick ass band bad-ass Boston boys! Love the energy, loud raspy vocals, deep throbbing bass riffs and blistering lead guitar licks...seemless meld of jazz infused thunderclap raunch and WTF you lookin' at 21st century I'll do what I want in my life lyrics...we salute your 'go your own way' to see this LIVE, up close and personal...ulad

9:54 AM  

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