Saturday, September 26, 2009

This morning, I will smash into the door-blockers at the Harvard T Station with a renewed zeal.

I'm psyched because INFRASTRUCTURE just confirmed its next show, and it's at a time that should work for nearly everyone. We'll be playing at Harper's Ferry, the venerable Boston music club, at 8:30 p.m. on Tues, Oct. 13, the Tuesday after Columbus Day. We get to perform our tunes on the same stage that's been graced by Maceo Parker, B. B. King, and every one-hit wonder of the 90s.

This is awesome! We're on a mission to deliver the greatest soul-punk-blues-rock show we can, and we will.

This morning, when I attempt get off the T at Harvard on my way to the 66 bus and our studio in Allston, I know what I'll find. Dozens of tourists and assorted ignorami will be standing in front of the train doors, deliberately not looking at the people attempting to get off the train. Today, I will smash into them not with rage but with elation, as my guitar, my equipment bag, and I literally clear a path for the show to go on.

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Blogger James Watriss said...

Harper's Ferry? You rule.


-T-shirts. I'm suggesting you take the image of the pipe with the two hand wheel valves, strangle it into a black and white image, and filter it down until the greys are white, and the rest is solid black. Have the white value printed on black shirts. Or, print the image itself, but I figured the plain white on black, with no greyscale, would make for a much more easily produced shirt. (Then again, for all I know it's cheaper to hand a JPEG file to someone at this point, than to hire someone to manually make a silk screen.)

-CDs. Maybe it's too soon. Maybe it's not. If you're playing Harper's Ferry already, I'm thinking you should go fully equipped. It might be overkill. But the ability for an inspired person to take your music and play it for someone else will help spread the word, which will help feed demand. Word of mouth helps. But I never heard anyone go "I heard this guy telling someone on the train that a friend of a friend of his saw this concert, and it was awesome, and..."

More likely, it's "Dude... you have to hear this."

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