Monday, April 13, 2009

Future Public Radio

I'm home for a night. I just picked up a rental car in Harvard Square to go somewhere else tomorrow. Whenever I pick up a rental car in Harvard Square, I tune the car radio to the MoFo, Tufts' 91.5 WMFO, to see what might be on. There is a great dance/funk music show on tonight, and now it is playing on the stereo in my house.

Back in the diz-ay, I played with my blues rock group on one of the MoFo's most famous shows, On the Town. I also used to make weird guest appearances on some kind of show with Phil Erner that was on from 4-6am on Saturdays. The highlight was meeting Alex Piandes, then host of the 6-9am show "Coffee and Smokes with Alex." Alex introduced me to Hound Dog Taylor.

I've said it before: I'm going to need to do a show one day.



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