Friday, March 06, 2009

Is Tomorrow Summer Dress Day?

One of the most time-honored traditions of Bostonia, and a more reliable indicator of spring's impending arrival than any rodent-based method, is Summer Dress Day. It always falls on one of the first warmer days of late winter. Thousands upon thousands of young college women, "acres of girlhood," face the light of day wearing publicly for the first time the bright and frilly summer dresses obtained weeks or months earlier at the city's trendiest retailers. Every third person on every street corner is wearing a summer dress in the middle of March or April. There may be snow still to come, but the young women of the city band together, probably unknowingly, and create a beacon of hope. It is a natural rhythm of the earth, certain as the tides.

Tomorrow's forecast calls for a high of 56° and partial sun. I wonder if tomorrow will be Summer Dress Day.



Blogger Matt! said...

Connected to that is "Terrible Driver Day" On that same day, people who haven't driven their cars since the first snowfall decide to go out for a weekend jaunt, and cause traffic mayhem everywhere.

Not nearly as enjoyable as "summer dress day." But they both do cause me to honk the car's horn repeatedly.

6:00 PM  

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