Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Disorganized Thoughts on North Carolina that You May or May Not Want to Read

I am sitting in Terminal 1 at RDU, which is a large and carpeted tomb of people whose flights keep getting delayed. No one has been speaking, except for a chubby guy at the bar who asked "did y'all come in from Atlanta?" and two insane, furious, screaming rube-women who had bought all new toiletries for their first flight in probably a decade. Since they had never heard of the 3-oz rule, they were sent back from security to check their bags. They then ran panicked and screaming from the check-in counters, where they had found out that bag checking cost $15 per item, and dragged said bags of contraband upstairs to security, where they were required to throw out the large bottles of Oil of Olay stuff they were given for Christmas. Aeroworld.

I like Greenville, capital of Eastern NC. It's a true "microcosm of America," where inequality is obvious, the industrial part of town is rotting away, the university and hospital are growing by leaps and bounds, and excellent barbecue ties it all together. I had the combo at B's and learned from a local that the Skylight Inn recently had a fire but was still serving.

Something is always happening in Greenville. Small things. The fire department was investigating a fire at a convenience store yesterday. The public works department was out repairing street signals with a bucket truck. A female medevac pilot had lunch at the table across from me at the Bear Rock Cafe.

Chapel Hill and Carrboro are really something. They look expensive, but are not. The Station in Carrboro is like the local Toad, but has no website.

The hipsters are moving from Carrboro to Durham.

You can live well for less, and get around on a motorcycle much of the year.

At the Orange County Social Club in Carrboro, an old Yuengling ad that showed four bulldogs smoking around a bar made me smile. The next day I saw a dog that looked exactly like one in the old ad splattered on the highway. This made me sad.

I a lso made it to Bullock's in Durham, an overcrowded diner-like barbecue joint that served up somewhat flavorless pork and almost jewish-style sliced brisket. They must gas everything. Weird.

Flight keeps getting delayed.



Blogger James Watriss said...

One of these days you'll have a vacation.

When that happens, maybe we should go bum around in South Carolina.

And as an odd aside (since you're so keen on those...

The big swirly word that I have to enter for verification that I'm actually a human being, and not a Terminator, is


Figured you'd want to know.

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