Friday, August 15, 2008

NCBBQII Part The Fourth: From Ayden to Beaufort and Back

It was still the first day of our trip, a Friday. We'd had unbelievable experiences driving from DC to B's and then down to Ayden. For the rest of the day, we explored the rural east, discovered a large industrial port complex in Morehead City, got some alright cue at Roland's in nearby Beaufort, then took a dip at Atlantic Beach. The sun was setting fast, so we rolled up the unlit backroads back to Greenville and discovered an unexpectedly vibrant bar scene there. The gin and beer were basically free, so I took full advantage.

Here are the best photos from this leg of the trip. Click a photo and you can see it larger on Flickr.

Guns, Knives & Tits

Barn Trio


Topless Barn

Christian Cream Donuts, New Bern, NC

Worship Him (Store) Near New Bern, NC

Beaufort, NC Fire Dept Ford C-Series Reserve Pumper

Beaufort, NC Fire Dept GMC Brigadier Pumper

Roland's BBQ, Beaufort, NC

Hushpuppies at Roland's BBQ
This is what hushpuppies are supposed to look like--not that crap you get at Redbones.

Roland's House BBQ Sauce, Beaufort, NC

Birds, Atlantic Beach, NC




Rob L at Quality Inn, Greenville

The next morning it was on to the Research Triangle for some South Carolina style 'cue, then on to Lexington for some of Lexington No. 1's famous product.

Stay tuned...

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