Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cambridge Police: Strong Douchebag Potential After Midnight

Officer in car on right tells me I'm violating "the wiretapping statute" by "videotaping" flashing lights. Officer standing behind me tells me I'm blocking traffic by not standing on the curb and in the already blocked street. "WE'RE MAKING ARRESTS!" Apparently it takes about a dozen douchebags in five crown vics and a wagon to arrest two more douchebags punching each other outside a frat bar. Waste of time, guys. Perhaps all douchebags involved should read up on the First Amendment.

If it's not a secure crime scene and it's in public view, it's fair game, with or without meritless intimidation.

All files I created at this scene, which was clearly under control, were images without audio or video. I normally respect the police, unless they act like douchebags.

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Blogger Matt! said...

Wow. I guess I missed quite a scene after I left the Cantab.

Although, I had my own experience getting home, which you can read about at my blog.

I think we must need to link blogs Rob.

I also think we need to do the Cantab atleast 10 more times in 2008

10:43 AM  

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