Friday, November 09, 2007

Update on sidewalk job

In eight hours of work today, four workers, two machines, and one detail cop dug up a temporary asphalt sidewalk on the SE corner. They then dug up the new granite curbing, then put it back in. Then they created a new, temporary sidewalk of dirt, leveled it, and compacted it.

So, after 3 months of work, we have:
Corner 1 (NW): Curbing and sidewalk complete. Light pole not yet installed.
Coner 2 (NE): Curbing complete. Sidewalk half filled-in with new concrete, half hole.
Corner 3 (SW): Temporary dirt and asphalt sidewalk. New curbing dug up, then re-installed.
Corner 4 (SE): Curbing installed. Temporary asphalt sidewalk with spray-painted lines showing where to rip it up.



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