Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hi! from the HOLIDAY INN HOLIDOME in Lawrence, Kan.

Hello! We listen to Huey Lewis and the News in the Holidome, and we can't sleep. What a bizarre journey the Heartburn/Heartache tour has been. We saw our lovely internet friends in Missouri, bought used books in Arkansas, got a speeding ticket in Oklahoma. Did up Tulsa but only halfway, shot great shots in rural southern Kansas, ate the best brisket of my life in Wichita, stayed an extra night in slutty Lawrence where everyone is a hot white soul-lovin hipster slut, except for the road-tripping brits I almost murdered when they tried to hijack our cab. That's it. Drive shoot eat replaced with eat drink smoke. No work. Break from work. Focus on self. First time....ever, possibly. Let the images speak for themselves. There are about 900 so far, plus Dan's, and we're finally going into KC tomorrow. We will sample 2-3 of about 100 bbq joints in that city and catch a Royals night game. We can afford field box seats because all the midwestern sprawlscape citizens are poor. Then we'll fly back, I into the summer of misery and Dan into the Challenges of the Unknown. You're either with us or against us.



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