Saturday, February 03, 2007

Kicking Self.

A few months ago, I threw out three rolls of four-years-past-expired Konica 35mm film.

And then I hear about this.

Three years ago, before Flickr existed and during my alcoholic editorial assistant days, a clerk in a shitty Brooklyn pharmacy handed me a 4-pack of expired film from behind the counter. I showed her the expiration date, and she sold it to me for half off. I thought it would be cool to give expired film a spin, without the internet having told me it would be. So I shot one roll with a cheap 35mm camera , and it yielded a few disturbing/awesome results. My favorites were a splattered pigeon I found in the shadow of the Williamsburg bridge and the shadow of a bronzed, hanging dog outside of P.S. 1. I'll scan and Flickr them as soon as I find a friend with a scanner.

Why didn't I shoot the other three rolls? Why did I hang onto them for three years, only to throw them out?

Lesson: don't fuck with success.



Blogger djm said...

Lesson: listen to me when i extol the virtues of film photography

(and come on, you knew that comment was coming)

1:54 PM  

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