Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A great read on the MBTA Greenbush Project.

Our beloved MBTA has spent over $500m on a rail line out to some tony suburbs. The line will generate less than 2000 (some say 8,000...) riders a day, and feed them into crumbling downtown transit infrastructure.

Big Dig megacontractor Jay Cashman built the line together with the British firm Balfour Beatty. Operation of the line will be the duty of the "MBTA Annex," or MBCR, a corporation of former/retired MBTA bigwigs and their French and Canadian partners in collusion. Their private company has a $1.07b (billion), five-year contract to run the state commuter rail for the state.

BadTransit has a great article about what may have gone wrong here, and who's going to pay for it.

ADDENDUM: Note that the state was required to build this line to offset pollution from expanding I-93 (the big dig). But other required projects--like the extension of the Green Line, a project that would attract and benefit 15-20,000 riders per day--have not even been designed.

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Blogger Charlie said...

question is what does the T do next?

What after Greenbush?

8:17 PM  

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