Sunday, January 14, 2007

Exactly fifteen minutes later,

I find this Times article proving my point, although the silly reporter seems to be under the impression that chains like Victoria's Secret and Starbucks are "remaking the [other boroughs'] streetscape in Manhattan’s image."

Hasn't he been to Peoria?

I haven't, but I'm pretty sure what's there.

It's a sad day when the gold standard of retail in 'the capital of the world' has become a bunch of chain stores.


Blogger djm said...

Hilarious. I was on Austin St with my mom just last night, and she said it was "like a mini-Manhattan." I countered that no, it was not because, much like british columbia to vancounver, anyone in their twenties or thirties who was in any way hip, trendy, or with it was in the Manhattan (or vanc), and not in queens (or bc).

i just blogged about how tv is losing. looks like PATRICK McGEEHAN of the times is losing too. someone should tell him to stop interiviewing tv sitcom butlers and find the actual yuppies whom he claims love the chains.

11:12 PM  

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