Tuesday, June 13, 2006


When I took a new job that didn't come with much summer free time, I asked for an extra week of vacation. I got it. I then devised my most ambitious plan yet to waste money and gain weight. I'm psyched!

  • June 23-July 6. X-CAN I: Fly to Vancouver with accomplice Dan Meade. Rent car, explore AB and BC for a week. Hunt Ogopogo and roam the world's biggest mall. Then return to Vancouver, ditch car, rent bike for 5 days. Celebrate the 4th of July by sipping BC beer on a quiet Canadian weeknight--again. Fly back (to NY) July 6.
  • July 7-10: NCBBQ. I traded in my frequent flyer miles for a free trip to DC. From there, Rob Lott and I will head south to eat as many pigs and see as many blue ridges as we can. What tastes better: Eastern or Lexington style bbq?
  • I show up in Boston and do a long day's worth of work on 7/11, and then
  • July 12-16: The Canadian Maritimes with Abbey. I concocted a ridiculous drive that takes us through Bangor, St. John, Prince Edward Island, and much of Nova Scotia. There will be ferries, too.



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