Saturday, June 10, 2006

Overkill: instant bomb detection on the Baltimore subway

Baltimore is installing ticket vending machines that test your fingers for explosive particles. If you hand-built a bomb right before leaving for work, the vending machine will use a particle sample from your finger to figure it out. It will then sell you a bogus farecard that doesn't work. When you can't get into the station, you're supposed to take your bomb over to the booth clerk. Meanwhile, the vending machine will be emailing the five pictures it just took of you to transit police driving and checking their hotmail accounts with new wireless PDAs. While you're cursing out the booth clerk, with your bomb under your arm, the cops are supposed to show up to arrest you.

Of course, no terrorist would ever figure this out because it's NOT LIKE IT'S BEING REPORTED ON THE INTERNET!!

Two closing questions:
Who would want to blow up Baltimore?
How much did this nonsense cost?


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