Thursday, June 15, 2006

Imitation Is the Most Sincere Form of Theft

About a year ago, my friendly acquaintance from Tufts, Matt Kane, started a website. If I'm not mistaken, and I'm probably not, he advertised it in a comment on this very blog. I went to, and it looked just like my website! Exactly like it, in fact, with the same font and almost the same color scheme (but not the same table). I thought the coincidence a little strange, but I was happy that someone else would be posting photos for me to stare at. I pointed out the design identicalness right here and went on with my life. In January of this year, I posted a new homepage.

Then, just this week, another curious Matt Kane comment appeared on this very blog! It included the sentences, "I figured i'd let you know that I'll be stealing your dual blog/photo site main page" and "Imitation is the most sincere form of compliment, or some shit like that."

So I went on over to, and guess what I saw? My new fucking homepage! This time, it was a little more modified, though. But no one really uses colored tables anymore--just me, and Matt Kane.

I am no longer the web designer I thought I was for nine seconds in 1997, but I do design all my pages except for one: the blog template. Love and theft go hand-in-hand on the internet as in real life, but come on, Matt Kane, stop stealing my shit!

Should I not be morally outraged? You decide:

Exhibit A: from late summer, 2004.

Exhibit B: from December 2005 (thanks, Yahoo! Cache, and sorry about the code error it caught).

Exhibit C: from January 2006.

Exhibit D: from yesterday. I suspect the centerpiece image will be up as soon as Matt takes it from my photo section.

Matt Kane, you owe me a beer for each design.

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Blogger Dan said...

dear matt kane,

i know you, i see you, i always thought you were a tool, and now i know for sure that you are an unoriginal piece of shit. i'm glad your tufts journalism work prepared you for an adulthood of doing a poor job ripping off schoolmates' HTML code.

sincerely yours,
dan barry, jumbo '03

3:58 AM  
Blogger B.A. Slattery said...


8:29 PM  

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