Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Since the academic year is over, I don't drive the company car to work every day. I might use it once per week to go to the post office. Tonight, I had to meet a friend for dinner in the southern suburbs, and you can only really get there by car.

I got in, smelled the new car smell, and turned the key. Immediately the starter sprung to life and the speakers began to blare AM newsradio.

As I slammed the radio button off, I thought to myself, thank God I don't have to do this anymore.

I'm lucky, too. I've had a free car for a long time, and driving still sucked. Once you get past the problem of "having" a car, there are the unlicensed drivers, uninsured drivers, horrendous traffic, leaking Big Dig, awful signage, etc etc.

Let's consider the "having" problem for a moment. People act as if driving is every American's right, and that public transportation is a welfare-level waste of taxpayer money. Aside from the car, I can think of no object that removes wealth from a human and redistributes it to other, larger parties simply by being owned.
You have to pay to:
  • own or lease it
  • register it
  • insure it
  • fuel it
  • maintain it

It's an all-or-nothing proposition. Luckily for me, I've been choosing the nothing while still having a car. I think I'll be pretty comfortable with just nothing, though.

But as for every other rubber tired machine on the road, its driver chose the all. Who needs savings when there's driving to be done?

I am often asked: What about all those people living in the suburbs and in the middle of nowhere? Who cares? They live overpriveleged, inefficient lifestyles. Why do we take taxpayer money and use it to build commuter rail lines and interstates out to them? They should be coming to us in the first place--they sure do for employment. Stack them in vertical towers and marvel over the amount of energy conserved.


Anonymous D. Archer said...

Have you read Jim Kunstler's blog, Clusterfuck Nation?
It might be up your alley: http://jameshowardkunstler.typepad.com/clusterfuck_nation/

6:46 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

Yes, D, I have. I also have a few "Eyesores of the Month" I should send him.

9:16 AM  

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