Tuesday, January 17, 2006

MBTA failures of the day

  1. Both 88 and 90 buses this morning, which should run about every 8-10 minutes along Highland Ave.(counting both directions), did not show for over 35 minutes.
  2. Upon arriving at the Lechmere terminal, commuters were greeted by an abandoned token booth, turnstiles roped off with a thick, rusty chain, and an open gate. No fare collected.
  3. This evening's 88 bus home featured a bulky "MBTA INSPECTOR" (guy who writes down when buses arrive at terminals for absolutely no reason) wrestling with the farebox. Five minutes of punching could not unclog it. No fare collected.

Number of MBTA services used in past two days: 8.
Number of times fare paid: 5.
Amount of debt the bankrupt MBTA has (and won't be forgiven by MA): $4,900,000,000.


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