Tuesday, September 13, 2005

white people: at it again

First I saw that the FDNY's class valedictorian just beat up a newspaper stand owner for being a terrorist. Happy 9/11, muthafuckas!

Then, I had a conversation with an unemployed white person who knew what was behind the misery in New Orleans (all of the following quotes are real and were spoken to me in total seriousness/self-belief). "It's the niggers," this person said, noting how the television had showed black people spitting on the ground in the Astrodome and generally creating a hostile environment for the displaced white children. This person was also shocked to see images of blacks resting on cots in shelters while whites labored to drain and clean the city ("it's like our roles have reversed"). The person was also further angered by the image of one particularly large, female "nigger" who "looked like a gorilla." The tv showed said "nigger" resting with her child within the dome. "Why aren't they out looking for housing," I was asked. "They're lazy!"


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