Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New York Atrocity #1: The Deletion of Soul

There are serious problems developing in my hometown this week. Just when I was getting into "Oldies" radio here in the metropolitan joke that is Boston, Infinity Broadcasting has virtually deleted that "format" from New York's lamentably monopolized airwaves (Daily News via M. Bell). After digging for years through obscure soul for learnable hooks and basslines, I was thrilled to find so many of them available in my car on Boston's WODS. And now New York, the biggest consumer market in the country, has no readily available way to stay in touch with the nation's recent and illustrious musical past?

We are ignoring history as we make it. And, contrary to all theories about contrived nostalgia, PEOPLE ARE GETTING STUPIDER.

Footnote: Listen to Kool and the Gang's Wild and Peaceful--even if you just try out the short preview tracks on iTunes. Count how many songs in the past decade have sampled this album. Then try to hear any of those songs on your radio.


Anonymous feds said...

I too was very surprised that CBS FM has left the airwaves. What was surprising to me was that not only was CBS FM still the highest ratest odlies station in the nation, but that it was something like the 8th highest rated station in NYC. HOWEVER the true demise of the station was not that people were not tuning in - it was that people who were tuning in were consdiered undesirable listeners. Advertisers did not want to pay for ads that would apparently only be heard by individuals upwards of 50, 60, etc.... It really seems to me that the advertising business is horseshit. How could the 8th highest rated radio station in NYC have trouble finding advertisers? Do they really think their new format will draw in better advertising dollars? The only explanation ive heard was something along the lines of those older individuals are set in their ways and advertising is ineffective. I find this hard to believe, but that was the explanation i heard.

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