Friday, July 16, 2004

eternal flux

is a great way to get nothing done. While not writing the final blog of my roadtrip, I moved the entire contents of my old hard drive onto my new Mac (with the help of a Norton IT guru). Have you ever done such a thing? I sifted through thousands of files--high school essays, Tub O' Joy mp3s, digitized photos of exes galore, frontpages of Imaginary Sanitation from 1998. It was an unexpected shock to discover how much junk I'd accumulated and/or created in the past 7 years. Take a look through your own HDD, and you'll probably be amazed...unless you're as uninspiring as the people I dated this winter.

I also finished Roth's Sabbath's Theater today. I'd been purposefully losing my copy of this brilliant work for the past two months because I didn't want it to come to an end. It's majestically perverse, filthily brilliant, and Roth writes with such fervent passion that it's hard not to notice. Even if you can't relate to the golden showers or graveside masturbation, the movement (stasis?) of the entire work will put your life into tragically pathetic, shockingly truthful focus. Are you interested?


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